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This web-log is about what I think about life, while not getting too specific in my life. This is for several reasons:
1.) It's none of your business
2.) Nothing ever happens anyway.

Read my rant for more about my hate/love/hate relationship with blogs.
This blog is basically a more up-to-date and flippant version of my webpage, Full Fathom Five. If you somehow haven't visited it yet, then please do. It's a lot like this, but with less spelling mistakes.
I'm sorry this page is so ugly compared to most blogs. If anyone can point me in the direction of a good HTML design page editor thingy (preferably free) let me know.

APRIL 23/00:
My Wu Tang name is "Sweaty Butcher". Word. (ViaPlanet Jon)

What a great ad campaign. (Via ::THINK::)

Happy Easter! Or Passover. Whichever you prefer.
On days like today I think of my favourite pear-thief-turned-saint, Augustine:

"Truth! Truth! How the very marrow of my soul within me yearned for it as they dinned it in my ears over and over again! To them it was no more than a name to be voiced or a word to be read in their libraries of huge books. But while my hunger was for you, for Truth itself, these were the dishes on which they served me up the sun and the moon, beautiful works of yours but still only your works, not you yourself nor even the greatest of your created things. For your spiritual works are greater than these material things, however brightly they may shine in the sky." (Confessions, 60-61)

Wonderful lines, regardless of your religious orientation.

While making a mix tape last night I was also reminded of the beauty of Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. All the songs are about death, decay, and other horrors, but at the same time it's a tremendous celebration about being alive. Sad, but empowering, it's as good an album for Easter as other annual favourites like Jesus Christ Superstar and Messiah.

A day of spiritual contemplation then. So why do I still have the Dudez A Plenti song from Conan O'Brien in my head? Damn. "Baby, I wish you were my baby/I'll make you have a baby"

Spins: Leonard Cohen - Best of, Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

APRIL 22/00:
Orggh...I hate the blog life already. If anyone can explain to me IN ENGLISH how Blogger is supposed to work I'd appreciate it. In the meantime, I've found a bunch of mix tape sites. Nick Hornby would be proud. Red Balloon has monthly themes, and the Art of the Mix seems cool as well. Then there's TapeEdit, a program for designing tape covers. I plan to investigate all sites thoroughly. Someone on the SFA List is putting together a twap-swap thing, so I must be ready!

Speaking of the Furries, someone else on the List described the new Welsh-language album as such: "A lot of it reminds me of Gorky's circa Barafundle, only better." Hallelujah!! The new single will be available as MP3 on April 24th at the Mwng site.

Spins: Les Rythmes Digitales - Darkdancer, Madonna - "Material Girl", Trembling Blue Stars - Broken By Whisper, Redd Kross - "Jimmy's Fantasy"

Reads: Great tribute to Edward Gorey by Kate Taylor in today's Globe and Mail. Much funnier and better written than Leah McLaren's attempt at what I can only assume (pray?) to be humour in "Manhunt". It's about how the "real man" is an endangered species. Yawn.

Better blogs than this one....or MAIN PAGE